Monday, July 30, 2007

Peguin Breakdown

There was this truck driver who had to deliver five hundred penguins to the state zoo. As he was driving his truck through the desert, the truck breaks down. After waiting by the side of the road for about three hours he waves another truck down and offers the driver $500 to take these penguins to the state zoo for him. The next day the first truck driver arrives in town and sees the second truck driver crossing the road with 500 penguins walking in single file behind him. The first truck driver jumps out of his truck and says, "What's going on? I gave you $500 to take these penguins to the zoo!" The second truck driver replies, "I did take them to the zoo. And I had enough money left over so now we're going to see a movie."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Night Lessons 101

Basic Bible
Text: Acts 10:38
1. Welcome
* Welcomed them by name ( had 3 new students)
2. Story Time
* We didn't really do a Bible story, just wanted to review general Bible knowledge.
* On blackboard, drew an open blank book. Then, asked the kids what they think would be in the Bible? Let them throw out any idea (pie, cake, monkeys, elephants, kids, loving your neigbor, Jesus, God, etc...) and put them in a YES column or the NO column (NO - pie or elephants) I told them that the Bible has lots of interesting stories and things for us to learn too. Told them the story of a talking donkey, Jesus loves the little children, and our memory verse.
3. Bible Time
* Practied Bible drills (see description above)
* Reveiwed Books of the Bible (Genesis, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Psalms)
* Reveiwed Old Testament/New Testament
4. Activity
* Had two sets of boxes, one for each team.
Two boxes were labeled Old Testament (on one side) and New Testament (on the other)
Had 6 other boxes with one book on each (PSALM, GENESIS, etc)
* The object was, I would call out a book, and a team member would run and grab that box (at one end of the room) and put it on the correct Testament (at the other end of the room).
* The winning team recieved gold chocolate coins
5. 2nd Activity
* Went outside for a scavenger hunt (Small items, posters, signs, or natural objects that had something to do with the lessons from the whole month)
6. Close
* Ended outside with Bible drills and memory verse review

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday Night Lessons 101

Text: Luke 19:1-10
1. Welcome
For this lesson, I decorated the room as if it were a Bible time house. I used a cloth door, a table cloth, a foot washing basin, a water pitcher, and a tray of food on the table. I dressed up as Zaccheus. When the kids came down, I talked to them as my guests and welcomed them into my home.
I washed their feet and invited them to some water and food. Explaining as I went, why I did such (Bible customs etc).
2. Story
I told them and acted out for them, the story of Zaccheus. I told them how mean I was and stingy with money (by taking things from the kids like shoes, toys, things out of pockets, hair clips etc). I was very gruff with them. Then, I climbed up in the window and told them about seeing Jesus and how he changed my life. (Gave everything back to them, talked about friendship).
3. Craft
I had made small cloth bags for each kid.
We made coin rubbings and glued them to cardboard circles for their very own coins and coin bag.
In each bag, I also had a chocolate gold coin.


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