Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sewing Dreams

Yesterday we had to have the car fixed, and while I left it there, I decided to window shop nearby.

I stopped at Emily's Country Cottage and had lots of fun looking at all their quilts and projects....I went home inspired!
Now on my list to try are aprons, a kid's doll, and a baby quilt!

Growing Plants

I'm really enjoying growing some indoor plants! About the second week of March, I threw some seeds into some dirt and hoped for the best. A week later I had long, gangly sprouts waving from a top my dryer....I was so proud! My sister came up that week, and took one look at my plants, and said mater-of-factly "You need to get those plants some more sunshine!" So I took off the "greenhouse" lid, and a bunch of little gnats flew out. "Uh oh, you've got root gnats," (or something like that). I was sure my plants would keel over and die!

But look!

They're still alive! And growing nicely. I've had to transplant them once already, and it looks like I might have to again before it's warm enough to put them outside.

I have mostly tomatoes. (I didn't realize how many seeds I put in that little old siz pack container!) They all sprouted and I had to move them out of that little pot. I think I have 10 tomato plants right now....ha ha.
I also have some parsely and some larkspur growing.

And I have a nice little table set up in our porch with all sorts of pots and containers and seeds, just waiting for me to have some quiet time to set them in. I have yet to plant my basil, some poppies and morning glories, and some lettuce.
Although I'm not much for garening success (as far as last year anyway), I'm already dreaming up big things for our little yard this year!
I'm really enjoying the little plants on my windowsill right now. Every morning I get up and have my devotion time there in the sun, and I stare and stare at these plants, and it reminds me everyday of how God makes things grow.....not only plants, but me as well. And it reminds me to pray for new wisdom and understanding and patience in my own life. It's pretty neat to have my very own object lesson in front of me every day!
I hope they don't die.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm so excited! Tax season is finally over :) It's been a long and stressful last couple of weeks. (I don't like admitting I get stressed out....but I certainly realize I do when, after the fact, I'm a whole lot calmer and sweeter! ha)

The most exciting thing is....I have a whole day to spend at home now! I am very thrilled! I have a whole list of things to do today!

Right now, I'm wearing my tennis shoes all over the house...after spending long hours standing in dress shoes, arch support feels really great right now! Plus, it makes me feel like I can just get up and go and do anything at a moment's notice :)

On my list of fun things to do today:
  • Spend time reading and praying
  • Get the laundry done
  • Plant my basil
  • Water my other plants
  • Get rid of junk
  • Go get some tickets and big jars from town
  • Plan some summer trips
  • Blog
  • Re-organize

*happy sigh*

It's so good to be home! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I don't have as much time as usual (due to tax season)..... to contemplate what to post, what to write, different layouts, chit-chat, and such....but there will come that time again.... until then, here is a snippit of what I've been up to:

Attending my brother's wedding in AZ was our most recent adventure.

I started some plants for the first time, and have been tending them with amature care.

I've decided to start recycling. It's been helpful already with projects (more posts to come), though a bit messy.
I've been teaching with Abbi on Wednesday nights. We've been studying the Armor of God, and now are doing stories from Acts.

I've been drooling over places to go, things to see this coming summer.

I had my hair cut.

I've been trying to plan ahead on my grochery shopping and menu eating more fresh fruit and veggies. I've had a couple successes...I'll let you see the recipes later :)

And of course, been busy at work. Hope your weeks are going great...and you are enjoying God's sunshine!
Take care,


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