Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I don't have as much time as usual (due to tax season)..... to contemplate what to post, what to write, different layouts, chit-chat, and such....but there will come that time again.... until then, here is a snippit of what I've been up to:

Attending my brother's wedding in AZ was our most recent adventure.

I started some plants for the first time, and have been tending them with amature care.

I've decided to start recycling. It's been helpful already with projects (more posts to come), though a bit messy.
I've been teaching with Abbi on Wednesday nights. We've been studying the Armor of God, and now are doing stories from Acts.

I've been drooling over places to go, things to see this coming summer.

I had my hair cut.

I've been trying to plan ahead on my grochery shopping and menu eating more fresh fruit and veggies. I've had a couple successes...I'll let you see the recipes later :)

And of course, been busy at work. Hope your weeks are going great...and you are enjoying God's sunshine!
Take care,

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In The Potter's Hands said...

Hey I don't see any Lousiana brochures there! Do I need to send you some?


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