Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm so excited! Tax season is finally over :) It's been a long and stressful last couple of weeks. (I don't like admitting I get stressed out....but I certainly realize I do when, after the fact, I'm a whole lot calmer and sweeter! ha)

The most exciting thing is....I have a whole day to spend at home now! I am very thrilled! I have a whole list of things to do today!

Right now, I'm wearing my tennis shoes all over the house...after spending long hours standing in dress shoes, arch support feels really great right now! Plus, it makes me feel like I can just get up and go and do anything at a moment's notice :)

On my list of fun things to do today:
  • Spend time reading and praying
  • Get the laundry done
  • Plant my basil
  • Water my other plants
  • Get rid of junk
  • Go get some tickets and big jars from town
  • Plan some summer trips
  • Blog
  • Re-organize

*happy sigh*

It's so good to be home! :)


martha said...


Abbi said...

Did everybody at the office get the day off?

Next week I am hoping to work on organizing and getting rid of stuff!


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