Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sewing Dreams

Yesterday we had to have the car fixed, and while I left it there, I decided to window shop nearby.

I stopped at Emily's Country Cottage and had lots of fun looking at all their quilts and projects....I went home inspired!
Now on my list to try are aprons, a kid's doll, and a baby quilt!

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Abbi said...

That looks fun.
I have been coming up with travel tips for you all. :-) Some that you will want to act on quickly are: If you want to go up in the Washington Monument I recommend reserving tickets online. It will cost $1.50 per person (they are free otherwise) but it will save you getting up at 6 am and going and waiting in line for over an hour. Also you can reserve tickets to go into the capital building which will save you some time as well. (though we hadn't and it wasn't to complicated to get in anyway.) With the tour of the capital you do not get to see the Galleries where the house and senate are meeting. If you want to see those you need to contact your Senater (Amy Klobachar) and Congressman (Colin Peterson or maybe Oberstar), I wish we would have. You can also ask them for a tour of the White House while you are at it but it isn't real likely that you would get a tour there. Those you need to work on right away, I will try to remember all our other tips when we get home.


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