Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes, I've been a little absent from the blog for the past month!
But don't worry (not that you were), things are just peachy here. It's just that computer time is at a premium right now, and when I do get a chance to get on, there are other things I need to do than wrestle our computer to get pictures uploaded and blogs written without it crashing :)

As of are some things we've been enjoying in our neck of the woods:
  • grass, violets, mayflowers, promises of garden growing
  • Company visits and large Indian meals
  • M's brother visiting for 2 weeks
  • Card games and lots of laughter
  • Naps
  • Cute smiles from a little girl
  • Sunshine through our windows
  • Long visits in the afternoon and sometimes late into the night
  • Still working on schedule adjustments of having extra people in house
  • Differences in personalities and the interest and fun that brings
  • Eating out
  • Playing frisbee in the park
  • Good nights rest, though with 2 "wake up calls" in the wee hours
  • Wondering how I'm ever going to get anything done round here :)
  • Fresh chicken eggs
  • Fresh flower boquets
  • The expectation of friends being in town
  • Family
  • Quiet hours in the morning
  • Thunderstorms
  • Birds singing out my window

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All in a Day said...

Wow, she has lost her "infant" look already!


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