Monday, June 6, 2011


I just needed to write this out, just to make it stick in my own head better (there's only so much I can tell myself in my head, then I either need to say it out loud or write it down :)

Is different bad? No. Different is just that.....different.

And goodness me, if I wasn't experiencing different things, I wouldn't be learning so much. Just like the little girl in the above picture. Her new fascination is "outdoors." She loves watching the branches sway, listening to the wind in the leaves, seeing colors of the sky and touching nature for herself. She is a very serious learner, and I could profit much from doing the same.

It just seems, there are days when I need a reminder. Different is just different. Take a breath. Relax. And don't take yourself so seriously Emily! Sometimes it's been really helpful to actually let out a laugh, and realize, there's more to life than my little box :)

So there you have it, thanks for listening. Now it's time to go out and enjoy the sunshine and my garden (I''ll try and share pictures soon).

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