Thursday, July 16, 2009

All about Kangaroos

I can't believe HOW MUCH FUN it's been studying for our Wednesday night kid's class!!! I recently told you about the book I read about Oceans, and I have another stack at home of fascinating books!

This week we were supposed to teach about Kangaroos, so I got to do the research....and here are some irresistable facts about Kangaroos:
  • There are 45 species of kangaroos, varying in size from 12 inches to 6 feet tall
  • They can travel up to 70mph
  • They cannot move backwards
  • They cannot move their hind legs independently (walking motion) except when swimming
  • Some species live in trees
  • Males are called bucks, females, does, and babies, joeys
  • Kangaroos are herbivores
  • Most are nocturnal
  • Some species take up to 9 months to leave the mother’s pouch

This website was great.And we made tie dye bandanas from Kool-Aid!

I've been able to upload our black and white lesson plans to the church website now, if you'd like to take a look and/or use them.


Abbi said...

You got the PDF files to work! Yea! Can we do that on our blogs too?

All in a Day said...

Emily, the blueberries will be ready up here next week. Will you please tell your mom also? She had wanted to know. Thanks so much; I hope you get this! :)


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