Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday Events

This week is quite full of fun events!

Saturday I went with friends on our Bemidji Tour.

Sunday, we had fellowship dinner at church, and then M. and I drove down to Brainerd to attend their 10th anniversary celebration where we had singing, stories, memories, musical specials, and keg rootbeer afterwards.
Sunday night was nice so we went out for ice cream with friends.
Monday night we had to say goodbye to the Johnsons as they head back home. Then we had some co-workers over for supper.....we made Chili Chicken and Fried Rice, and they brought a yummy dessert called Pistachio Bars.
And we have more guests and activities coming up! It's time to make a list so I don't forget to do certain things (like grochery shop! ha ha)

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