Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Cake

I brought a piece of cake with me to work today. It's good cake. It's calling my name from my desk drawer....but I was supposed to eat it for lunch. Is it lunch time at 10:30am?

I didn't make the cake. Last night we went to an International Student potluck (with some other friends too), and the cake was there. I had a piece for supper while laughing over jokes with good friends. I eyed the cake sitting on the dessert table while chatting with a new friend and exchanging email addresses. And then I asked to take some home when we were all finished and washing up the tables and watching the students leave, knowing the feeling of starting a new semester and the excitment it brings.

Though it was a rush getting things ready for the meal last night while still trying to work an 8 hour day, God saw me through. Thank goodness He controls time and I don't, because things would get really messy if I did!

Thank goodness He holds the times and seasons in His hands, and knows that even though it's the middle of August, I guess it's time for the apples to ripen and the yellow leaves to drop off the Silver Maple down our road.

Thank goodness, that even though I think I'm getting "so on top of things," that He is patient and will catch me when I fall down again.

Thank goodness that He gave me wonderful taste buds, so I can look forward to eating this Good Cake. :)

1 comment:

martha said...

:)I hope you enjoyed the cake when the time was right. Love you.


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