Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not that this matters....

This morning I made oatmeal for breakfast. I have become quite used to malt-o-meal/cream of wheat, so I see that this will take some getting used to.

Now I know, that my sister and brother-in-law eat oatmeal all the time.....and rave about it. And with all the healthy reviews, and good fiber-filling qualities, I thought I'd better give it a try.

I can tell you, it will need some work. It's not exactly dis-likeable, but it's not on the high end of my scale either.

Good things about it: it's warm, has texture, the rasines were a plus, and the maple flavoring made it smell good

Things that need work: it got cold fast, was a little too thick, need MORE raisens, and sugar, defineitely more sugar....must've scrimped on that part :)

I will be trying it again soon. My goal is to make it with the flavors I find delicious and palatable :)

So there you have it: My day with Oatmeal.
Not that it matters.... :)


All in a Day said...

It's good made into bars also. :) I'm like you; it's not my favorite and definitely needs LOTS of sugar.

martha said...

I think honey is the best sweetener for oatmeal.

Keren Ruth said...

:) Oatmeal isn't my favorite either, but when we were at Anna's house she made Baked oatmeal. It is really good.

Abbi said...

We had oatmeal for breakfast too. (Ken had to leave early and miss breakfast so that is one of our favorites when he isn't with us)
We really enjoy it but we like honey or brown sugar on it.


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