Friday, April 30, 2010

Rain, Rain

So you see, it's been raining up here the last day or so. Everything is "misty-moisty" and nice.

Last night as I was walking home, I glanced at the sidwalks. Looks like pine needles doesn't it!
But here's a closer view. Can you tell what it is?
That's right, WORMS!
You have no idea how excited I was!
So I started up and down the sidewalk, picking them up. You see, worms are great for gardens. And I happen to have a garden. And I happen to think it doesn't have enough worms!

I was JUST thinking about them too....and how as a kid I used to go "rescue" the worms in our driveway from the puddles. I had been thinking that worms don't come out of the ground in town...but they do....and DID!

So I was quite proud to show M. my handful of worms when I got home.  I'm not sure that he was as thrilled as I was :)

Hope you have a lovely rainy day too!

1 comment:

In The Potter's Hands said...

Emily you're so funny! I love reading your cute little blogs. Thanks for giving me a smile today :)
Love ya!


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