Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toh-may-toes, Toh-mah-toes...

These are my tomatoes. Well, these are my tomatoes a couple weeks ago.
My little neighbor friend helped me plant them way back in March.
They grew well.
So well in fact, that I have about 30 cherry tomatoe plants thriving on my window sill.

The iceberg lettuce didn't fare so well. Nor the cilantro.
They weep and wilt and make a big show about how little attention they get. I finally got fed up and just stuck them outside in my garden....even if it might still get cold.

But, as you well know, you can't grow 30 tomatoes in one little pot.
So it was time to transplant.
A sunny Saturday, some old egg shells, some used tupperware containers, and some dirt are all you need.

Now, I just need to tend the 15 more I have at work....

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