Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vintage Prints

Well, I'm not really into vintage all that much. But the weekend after tax season, I had a chance to stay home and start sorting through some stuff in closets.

One of the things I enjoyed, was looking through a bunch of old Etude magazines. The oldest was way back from 1908!

Then, I did probably the unthinkable (for someone wanting to save old things in perfect condition). I ripped out pages.

Yup. I did.

It was such a big stack of magazines, and I really liked only some of the articles, pictures, and music in them, I decided to keep what I found useful, and get rid of the rest.

It was a nice feeling to get rid of the huge stack.

I kept this one advertisment for Cream of Wheat.
Mathew looked at me funny when I hung it up in the kitchen. But, I like it for some reason, and I guess I can always change it later :)

The other picture I kept was this old cartoon for on top our piano.
I actually pasted it to an old green cardboard, and glued a black ribbon around it for a frame.

I'll have to let you know about the great articles I kept (about "How to be Charming") in a later post :)


Martha Jane said...

I like them. I really like the Ad, it is the style I have in my kitchen.

Anna said...

I think the Cream of wheat is perfect for a kitchen! I enjoyed looking at old Etudes, they were like a bit of history but not really too useful as I a not in their league of writers. Cutting and choosing what you wanted is a great idea.


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