Friday, June 25, 2010

Crafty Kitchen for pennies

I decided that for neighborhood kids and neices, a play kitchen would be fun. I also decided that I couldn't/wouldn't just go buy one or the lumber for one. Someday, I'd like to make a simple one out of wood, but for my purposes, cardboard worked fine!

I started off with some recycled cardboard boxes. Two to be exact.

I used my hot-glue gun to attach all the pieces together.

I then used some leftover sticky contact paper to cover the top half of the kitchen.

I used my recylcing bin for creating the "stove"

For the bottom half, I had run out of contact paper, so I hot-glued some extra fabric all around the base. (The blue checked stuff)

I cut and hemmed a "curtain" for the front, and attached it also with hot-glue, though it would've been nice to be on a string or rod to move a little better.
On both sides, I inserted those little brass hooks, to hang stuff a potholder and dish towel.

Under neath, I filled the "fridge" with an empty juice bottle, half an egg carton with plastic eggs, and a couple dishes, and some coloring books. :)

There are some adjustments I should've made, like turnable knobs, and a little bit shorter for the littlest kids, but, for pennies, and as an "experiment" to see if the kids even liked playing with it, it was worth it for me!

Head on over to Life as a Mom for more money-saving ideas today :)


Mom2fur said...

It's adorable and really clever! You know, if you have some old CDs, you could draw rings on the 'silvery' side and use those for the burners.

I bet the kids will have a ball with your kitchen and won't miss a 'wooden' one at all!

Abbi said...

I think it turned out very cute! I might try making one for Megan to have in the tree house. I think she would enjoy that.


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