Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The other day I was looking up tips and such on keeping things clean. Mostly it inspires me to do a better job, and now that I have a few more hours in my day, I'm doing much better at that. :)

My new mentality I'm trying ('cause I got lazy) is that "a meal isn't over till the dishes are done." I don't know about you, but that makes for some looooong meals at our house :) Sometimes I'm not even done with "breakfast" till I'm starting supper. But, it's working. Slowly but surely. I guess that's the way discipline and/or a new habit are anyway.

I've really enjoyed browsing around at They just have some fun stuff.

But my favorite quote of the week:

"Take a couple minutes a day to run through the bathroom."

Ha ha. Now, just so you know, this little quote was buried amidst a list of "Things you can do in 10 minutes to keep your house clean" or something like that. And really, the list was quite helpful. Until I got to that one.

I know I've wanted to stay active and get moving, but "running" through my bathroom for 2 minutes....weeelllll.....that one kind of stretches my imagination. I'm pretty sure I'd have to make about 50 three foot laps to even make it to one minute,  though if you add in the amounts of toe-stubs and door bangings I'd end up doing, maybe that would make up the time. But either way, I'm not sure that the goal would be accomplished. :)

But it was great for a laugh anyway :) Now off to cleaning....


Keren Ruth said...

hehe. It was fun picturing you running through your bathroom. great post. :)

Mrs. Mike said...

Love this post!
The girls and I work what we call the "10 minute tidy"- no more than 10 min. for each room (and then it usually requires only about 4 or 5, truly). I'm a details person, so it's easy for me to get distracted on small stuff and lose the bigger picture of the "tidy" house. It was Holy Ghost intervention, I tell ya!

Just telling Boss-man, discipline is my toughest battle!

Go, Emily, Go!


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