Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 18...

I had the first ultrasound last week. That was nice, but not as cool as hearing the heartbeat the first time. :) The kiddo is still pretty relaxed in there, and I haven't felt alot of movement yet.

Things from this week....
  • Rice Bags are wonderful for head colds
  • Colds are not so fun to have at this time of year
  • Mint Ice Cream is certainly delicious
  • Sun sensitivity is in high gear
  • Part time hours are wonderful
  • That keeping active is definitely something I almost have to "schedule"
  • That resting is also something I have to practice (as in, not writing, reading, but actually sleeping)
  • That there really is something to this "emotional hormone" thing, though I'm still skeptical
  • I realize that in order to use this season and enjoy it to it's full extent, I really need to be purposeful! And that's harder done than said.
  • That I have a new "to-read" book list
  • That it's nice to have vaccuumed floors and a clean table :)
And for some reason, the description of "How big is baby" for this week just struck me as funny: "Your baby's ears are now sticking out from the head."

hahaha :) Sure paints a funny picture doesn't it? (I know what they mean, but STILL! ha)

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