Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's amazing

It's been a week already since we've been home! I promised myself that I would write down our story because it just amazes me every time! So, let's begin...

9:10am - January 12th, 2011
"Today I have my doctor's check up. The due date (Friday) is approaching soon! I haven't felt the best the last couple days, but I think it's nerves. Maybe, though,  the doctor will say differently."

"Well, so much for that. Doc says nothing at all is going on. I will probably be a week late she says."

"Felt much more relaxed this afternoon. Must've been more tense and nervous than I thought. I went grocery shopping, walking, and now a nice long nap!"

"Church time. Had fun visiting with the ladies. We teased that of all people, I might be the most likely to not even know when I go into labor! ha ha"

"Done with church and getting ready for bed. Ate 2 Tums because a little gasious-maximus."

"Not feeling too well. Shouldn'tve eaten those potatoes for supper I think. Sure wish I could burp."

"Mathew says stop tossing and turning. I will try and hold still. Very sleepy but uncomfortable."

"Boy, these gas pains are really bad. Maybe if I bite the covers while it cramps I will hold still. Oh, here comes another.Ugg. Wish they'd go away so I could sleep."

"Maybe if Iget up and walk around it'll go away. Oh boy.
*M. wakes up - You okay?*
I don't feel very *gasp* good."
"Should we go to the hospital?"
"No, it's *gasp* gas I think. Maybe I'll just walk *ohhh* a bit."
"I think we should go."
"gasp. No, *gasp* well, maybe"
I stand up and move to dresser.

"OH! I'm pretty sure that's my water just broke. Yup, *gasp*we'd better go. "

Called Dad and Mom to let them know.

Checked in to the hospital. Declined wheelchair since I could still walk, just grimaced once and a while.

The nusre checked us into a birthing room.
"Do you think we're in labor?"
"Maybe. We'll give it a bit of time here before we check too much. I see by your chart this is your first and you weren't doing anything this morning."
Put two doplar radars on me, one for muscle contractions, one for baby's heartbeat.

Nurse says she'll check on us every 20 minutes until 2:00 am. Then she'll check for any dialation.

"This is going to be a long night. Ouch."

12:15am - January 13th
Sat on big rubber ball for comfort. Squeezing M's hand. He watched the monitor's and narrarated for me while I kept my eyes shut.

Moved to rocking chair. Feel like pushing so rocking vigorously and breathing heavy to control.

"I'm not sure how others do this! I don't *gasp* think I can make it very long without medication at this rate! *gasp* Goodness, and this is only the beginning!"

Nurse checks up.
"Nurse, how long before I can push do you think?"
"*surprised look* You feel like pushing?!"
"*gasp* yes"
"Maybe we'd better do that check up now instead of 2."

I move to the bed for check up.
*surprised voice* "You are 9 cm"
"I am?!"
"She is?!"
"She is. I need to go call the doctor. You're going to have a baby!"

"I hope the doctor gets here soon."
My eyes have been closed most of this time. M is doing a good job narrating for me...the nurse she is...etc.

"Emily, the doctor is here."
I open my eyes. Relief floods me, we made it! I'm so relieved in fact, that I stop feeing the strong strong urges to push and relax a bit.

(Doctor) "Okay, push for 10 counts, 3 times in a row."
(Me) "Uh, push?"
"Yes, now here we go."
"Great, now it's time and I can't!"
"Just push"

(Doctor) "Don't holler, use that energy for the push.
(Me, thinking) "I told myself I wouldn't be the kind to holler, but AHH"

"Emily, listen, 'I can do alll things through Him who strengthens me.' "
(Me thinking) "Okay, no more hollering, let's concentrate on pushing."

*after much unecessary groaning and  a few good pushes later*
"It's a girl!!!"

And that's our story. After an hour of stitching me up (I tore pretty bad I guess...she was a big girl!) we were exhausted but done. We just sat in wonder for a long time I think, going over and over how it actually all worked out and the fact that it was done!

We stayed in the hospital till Saurday. Things I am thankful for:
  • The doctor who delivered Sunita
  • All the wonderful nurses
  • The fun visits and jokes we had with the nurses
  • The surprised look on my doctor's face when she checked in on me the next day
  • The huge and yummy hospital meals :)
  • Our healthy daughter
  • For M. being there the whole time
  • For ice packs
  • For visitors
  • For answered prayers!
Amd so now the next adventure begins!


All in a Day said...

Yeah! :)

Sarah Blanshan said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad all went well--even if you weren't quite sure what was happening at first!

Martha said...

Thank you for sharing the story, It is for sure an amazing miracle every time! I am so excited to be able to come and meet your sweet little girl.

Anna said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, it makes me think back to my birth stories. Remembering is fun. Your Dr. must have been close for you to be at a nine before they called her.

Mrs. Mike said...

Yeah, you! Yeah, M! Yeah, God!

What a wonderful story (I'm partial to the hollering part. I was determined not to be a holler-er; I screamed like a girl. Wait, I am a girl)!


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