Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today, I have decided to take serious mesures to knock down a bad dry cough I've caught. I'm tired of being sick while trying to get rest and some things done.Thankfully, Little Girl and M. haven't got it yet....and I'm praying they don't.

So anyway, today I look lovely. I won't take a picture, but I'm sure you can use your imagination :) I've taken a head scarf (yes the kind older ladies wear) and wrapped it around my head and ears. It's holding some cotton pads over my ears to keep them warm and moist. Oh, have I mentioned, it's about 80 degrees out this morning? Anyway, my olive green scarf goes beautifully with my pink over-sized t shirt and blue jean skirt.....just to give you the picture there ;)
   I heated two oranges in the microwave and ate them, followed by guzzling two mugs of hot honey-lemon water.
  I've also heard that putting vicks on your feet and wearing sock helps....but I haven't gone that far yet.

So there you have it.....I'm hoping to rid myself of the cough today. We'll see. Meanwhile, since I look so lovely, I'll use some of my time this morning to see if I can get some blog posts rolling.

Wishing you a warm-filled, cheerful morning too!

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