Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes I dare...

Do I dare tell you, truly, what we've been up to around here? I dare :)
  • Relishing ~ Summer and green backyards
  • Savoring ~ Grilled food and fresh green beans
  • Picking ~ two to three green beans from my ONE plant, every day. (Saving up for meals :)
  • Wiping ~ Endlessly wiping a little girl's nose
  • Watching ~ a spider spin a web on my book shelf....hmmm, maybe I'd better dust
  • Preparing ~ School supplies for incoming students
  • Bemoning ~ the fact that I left a load of laundry too long and now it's musty and I have to wash it again
  • Attempting ~ to go out on roller blades with a jogging stroller
  • Puzzling ~ over what to feed a little girl next
  • Struggling ~ with why a little one gets so many rashes
  • Schemeing ~ ways to be more organizied
  • Reading ~ The Trapp Family Singers
  • Enjoying ~ some new neighbors
  • Spending ~ too much time online
  • Dreaming ~ of get-together ideas, picnics, and camping
  • Forgetting~ to water my plants
  • Delighting~ in a little girl who loves to clap


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