Friday, August 19, 2011

Crafty Shirts

A couple weeks ago my cousins were up visiting. I was able to go over and spend some fun time with them. Before they left, I wanted to make them something, so sat down and made these shirt one morning. They are very simple, but oh so fun!
 I got the shirt actually at the dollar store. Then, pulled out my scribble paints, paper, and paintbrush. I drew some stencils on paper, cut them out and laid them on the shirts. This sword idea I looked up online.
 Then I blopped some paint on a plate, daubed my brush in, and daubed it on the shirt.
Each shirt was unique and fit the kid's personality well I thought. Thankfully, the shirts fit too! :)

After painting, I set them in front of a fan for a "quick dry." All we had to do was iron them once dry to set the paint.

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