Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camping Fun

Oh what fun we have had the last couple days! (Not that every day isn't fun....)

 I had the opportunity to go camping with this fun family:
 We drove up the North Shore to Eckberg State Forest (everything else was full), found a nice piney campsite right on the river, and settled in for a couple days.
 We hiked up the river (no, not the riverbank...the actual river) on Tuesday morning and that was quite an adventure hauling a 25 pound baby on my back :) But the river was shallow, and I only went in a couple times, and then, only one foot ;)
 We went (well, the kids went) wading in this little bay while we sat on the warm rocks and rested. (What?! Yes....rested.....I needed it after walking down and up steps with said heavy baby. I'm not as in shape as I might give myself credit for, ha!)
And we napped at camp, ate popcorn and string cheese, watermelon and crackers. We watched the campfire smoke (oh yes, we are professional campfire-smoke-starters), practiced crochet, and listened to the little stream burble behind our site.

I wasn't sure how Little Girl would do camping, but it was a fine experience, thanks to the help of 4 extra babysitters! The highlight for the littlest sitters was pushing the stroller (with or without Sunita in) and taking turns holding her on their lap. She savored every bit of attention I'm sure.

So thanks, Martha, for a fun time and for your efficient care of us all!

Now I'm off to do laundry, fold tents, and re-stock my camp kitchen with things I neglectfully left behind so we're ready for "next time!"

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