Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm reminded...

As I prepared to meet new students last night, I was reminded that I'm not always in control....that things don't always go smoothly....that I can't always have the perfect things to say.

I was reminded that seasons come and go, as do people, as do opportunities. I need to remember grace, and trust, and practice peace and patience.

I can't always be wishing for things to have gone differently, or waiting for just the right moment, because God works in the everyday. And everyday He's reminding me to lean on Him.

Perhaps my words are just a maze, and don't make heads or tails, but all I can say is I'm so thankful this morning for the way things went yesterday, and the day before, and the last week...

As I learn discernment.....that not all that goes in my head needs to be said aloud. I'm thankful for little ears that listen, which remind me that God is still working on me and my thoughts are not always His thoughts to say out loud.

As I learn patience....that even when schedules up-heave, and rice turns sticky, and laundry buzzes and mail calls and friends drop by, that every event is a gift and a moment to savor.

As I learn trust....that even in all that upheaval, when I wish and wonder if I did the right thing or spent enough time or made someone realize I was really glad they were there, that I might never know the answer but I'll have to trust I did my best and let go and live on and look forward.

As I learn discipline....that things go smoother with a little planning, that I can make myself do the un-fun so there's time for the fun without dissapointing others or myself, and that there's always room for a shorter to-do-list.

As I learn wonder....that just when I'm thinking of someone, and how or when I will find time to meet them, they call, or email, or stop by. And then I know there is Someone else helping me, and knowing who He wants me to meet that day, and I just have to be available.

And so, as summer sunshine laspses into the crispness of fall, I'm thankful. And relaxed. And hoping to spend as much time listening as possible.

May you also have a restful weekend!
~ Emily

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