Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday Night Lessons 101 - Helmet of Salvation

Abbi & I have been team teaching for the last 2 months. We are going through Ephesians 6 - The Armor of God. It's really been great, learning all the verses, teaching, and making each kid their own "armor."

Last Wednesday, we did the Helmet of Salvation. Here is our outline:

  1. Open with prayer. Introduce our topic (hats/hemlets of salvation)

  2. Start skit. Abbi and I wrote a small dialogue using different hats, showing that not all "hats" or "roads" lead to heaven. She first put on a chinese hat, and said she believed in many gods. I told her there is only ONE GOD (Eph 4:5).

  3. Sing Song. We sang One Door and Only One, while Abbi said she'd change hats.

  4. No hat. Abbi comes in with no hat at all. Says she believes there is no God now. I quoted from Proverbs, "Only the fool says there is no God."

  5. Practiced Memory Verse. We recited the verses, while again, she changed hats. This time, it was the "Being Good Hat" - by being a good person I'll get to heaven. I responded that God says only perfect people get to heaven, and there are no perfect people (Rom 6:23) and that's why we need Jesus, to make us perfect.

  6. Played Game. We set a "put on your armor" game, where they rolled the cube and tried to be the first one to put all their armor on.

  7. Faith Hat. This time, she said she belived in God, and that He loved her, but she didn't need to do anything to get to heaven. I responded by reading from James 2.

  8. Finished Game.

  9. Praying to Saints Hat. For the last hat, Abbi put on a bike helmet (that was safe) but it had silly dangling bells and whistles of the top (that was un-needed). She thought she could pray to anyone (Mary, St. Peter, etc) and get to heaven, not God. Again, I responded that there is only ONE person to go through to get to heaven, and that is Christ.

  10. Make Helmets. At this point, we started making their own helmets (out of milk jugs - spray painted silver- tin pans, glue guns, and feathers)

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