Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Ideas

I've been reading this nice book from Abbi "Creative Families," which has all sort of creative teaching and play ideas in it.

It was one of those "aha" moments when I read the paragraph (well, there's more than a paragraph, but that's all I read honestly) about a "Dress Up Box."

I loved dress up as a kid....tea parties....adventures with my I'm not sure why I never thought of starting my own here at home. Maybe it was because I always thought of the big dress up box at my Mom's....and it never crossed my mind that visiting kid's might like one here too!

Either way, I'm starting one now. Quite exciting really.

I found a nice fuzzy red hat and a couple ties at the vintage store. And a pair of gloves and suit coat at another second hand shop.

Oh yes, but I forgot....the whole reason I started this post was to write about the fun patterns I found at the vintage shop!

To make a long story (not so) short, while I was looking for dress up hats, I found 4 fun patterns for 1) shirt 2) pants 3) jumper 4)dress pattern. All of which I thought looked simple to make, and nice to wear. We'll see if I get around to them anytime soon! :)

This is a picture of a dress I'd like to make sometime....and the hopes that one of my patterns will be close to it....


Keren Ruth said...

I used to love dress up! I guess I still do, but not quite the same way. :) That is a really cute dress too.

Abbi said...

I like that dress pattern you picked out. I hope you can find something that works. If you ever need more patterns you are certianly welcome to look through mine.


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