Saturday, February 6, 2010

To get you thinking....


I was browsing blogs and sites for service ideas in preparation for our coming Winter Retreat.

Alot of sites have the same thing, just in case you were wondering.

But, I did come across some that sounded crazy and fun, and got me thinking about my neighborhood :)

  • A Bicycle Rodeo to help children learn bicycle safety (! I've never seen a bicycle rodeo, but it sure sounds creative!)
  • Couduct a clothing repair or sewing workshop
  • Read a book to a younger kid or elderly person
  • Conduct an Easter Egg hunt (hmmmm....a park across the street....local kids....very workable!)
  • Create a poison awareness campaign
  • Organize a "get acquainted" lunch with neighbors
  • Prepare a whole home cooked meal for the residents of a nearby homeless shelter
  • Bake a batch of cookies to share
  • Set up reading hour, where you visit a homeless shelter once a month, read aloud, and then leave the books behind
These ideas were from the 4H club in Lancaster

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