Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toy Making....Toy Making

So, you should check out Jackie's blog Blessings Overflowing... because there are all sorts of cool toys to make (I'm always impressed with 3D toys anyways)
These are ones I think would be fun to try...

Felt mailbox

Some armor for my Dress up Box


Uh, and yes, I know these are not toys....but it's a reminder to me that I need to fix my rice bag we have (has a hole in it now), and I keep forgetting. Maybe this weekend....

And this reminds me I have 3 patterns at home for "other" toys to make
  1. Noah's Ark animal set (flat stuffed animals, small, for quiet time play)
  2. Sheet House (make a fabric "cube" with windows and door to hang over a cardbaord table for an indoor playhouse)
  3. A car play mat (like my brother had a long time ago)

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