Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are You Courageous?

Today I ran across the World Magazine's webzine (WorldontheWeb), and was very happy to browse through a couple of their articles.

One article, Zooming In by Andree Seu, was discussing courage and heroism with some of our soldiers....and how we often forget that God asks us to show the same courage and self-sacrifice in our daily lives. Here is a thought provoking quote from that article:

"The reality is that all day long we get chances to turn frictions and temptations into acts of infinite value. Nothing is too trivial to be transformed into heaven's gold — an insult you overlook, a sin you forgive, a right you sacrifice, a fear you bring to the Lord."

Have you looked for these opportunities today?

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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Fawn said...

Hi Emily! I didn't know you kept a blog on this site..but it has totally made my day that you do! I love keeping in contact with others as "blog friends"...hehe...I think its so fun! Although I wish I had more time to write on it.
Anyways glad you found me! And now I need to do some exploring of things you write about and what all has been going on with you!! :)


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