Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minnesota Blues...

This begins to look very familiar! Yes, once again we got a rare "Snow Dump" the 26th of April! My poor tulips!
We ended up being snowed in all day Saturday, but now it's melting again. Here is a fun list of I found stuffed in my random papers:
Minnesota Blues
  1. I came, I thawed, I transferred.
  2. Survive Minnesota and the rest of the world is easy.
  3. Land of 2 seasons: winter is coming, winter is here.
  4. Many are cold, but few are frozen.
  5. Why Minnesota? To protect Ontario from Iowa.
  6. Jack Frost must like it in Minnesota - he spends half his life here.
  7. Land of the ski and home of the crazed.
  8. 10,000 lakes and no sharks!

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