Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Braiding Hair

I have long hair. I really enjoy having long hair, but if I leave it down all the time, it sure gets frizzy. So, I've taught myself different ways to "fix" my hair! It Works for Me!

Below are some pictures of different ways I've braided my hair. It's not too hard to learn, just for the beginners, your arms get tired working behind your head. The way I learned to French Braid, was while sitting in the van on a car trip....not much room to work without elbowing my brother and sister, so it taught me well.

This is a five strand braid....a little messy since I came home from work!
This is two side French Braids wound into a coil and bobby-pinned up.

This is simply one braid wound into a bun, pinned, and surrounded by a white scrunchy.

Other ways I like to do my hair are:

  • Pony Tails

  • Two braids

  • Top ponies

  • Ropes

  • Twists

  • and Head bands

For more places to learn how to braid hair, check out these books, this web site, or this web site.

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