Monday, December 28, 2009

25 Indoor Game Ideas

In the event of it being too cold to do much outside, what can you do inside with your kids and family? I had all sorts of fun coming up with this list of ideas from websites and books for my sis and brother in law. Of course, not having kids to practice this on myself, I have no idea if these would really work or be fun, and seeing the way my last couple classes went that I taught, most likely these might be flops, but here's hoping!

1) Indoor Camping
Indoor S'mores
Tent or sheet tent

2) Indoor picnic in a box
special picnic food

3) Glow-In-The-Dark hide and seek
Use glow in the dark bracelets found at the dollar store

4) ABC hunting in the house game

Make a list of common items that you could find around the house that start with letters of the alphabet. Have a "treasure" hunt to see if you can find them all

find small items - like a spoon, doll, shoe, timer, etc) and group them together. Take a good look at them, cover with a towel and take one item away. Then look again and see if you can tell which item is missing

7) Tightrope walking
8) Puppet shows
9) Indoor Obstacle Course
laundry basket
taped lines on floor

10) Bowling
cardboard toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, or plastic bottles
small inflatable ball

11) Balloon Tennis
drying racks
paper plates with popsicle sticks stapled to it

12) Bean Bag Toss (into laundry basket)
13) Pillow Fight (make special little pillows for this event)
14) Letter writing
have a shoe box filled with envelopes, junk mail, stickers, colored pencils etc

15) Paper bag pinata - the little paper lunch sacks probably work best
16) Popcorn party
17) Bug Hunt
creative bug "nets" (could be anything from a plastic sack to a real net made with netting and a stick)
bug stickers or picture cards

18) Hide-The-Marbles (or milk caps or thimble)
20) Gift wrapping game
wrapping paper or gift bags
play it where you find a gift from your house that you alread have and "re-gift" it, practicing saying thank you and something nice about what you recieved

21) Make a book
color pictures
cut out people pictures
make a book with you own photos

22) Treasure Map
use a floor plan of your own house to seek out a hidden treasure

23) Bake cinnamon rolls to give away
24) Sound Hide-and-Seek
hide a ticking clock and see if you can find it

25) Dance Night
Colored scarves or streamers

26) Relay Race

And last of all, I found this book at our local library and it really has some neat ideas for making your own board games, and some fun snow games to play too!

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