Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Poem

We used this poem to make a preschooler's Touch & Feel/Know Your Colors book last Sunday. But I really like the way it goes. :)

Black is the color of the dark, dark night
Where the moon and the stars were the only light.

White was the color of the many sheep,
Who stood in the field while the people sleep.

Yellow is the color that the shepherds saw
As the angels sang, they stood in awe.

Glory in the highest to the God above
A baby has been born, a gift of love.

Gray is the color of the cloth that kept
Baby Jesus warm, as he slept.

Green is the color of the grass that grew
As Jesus became a big boy too.

Purple is the color that kings do wear
And some wise men came, their gifts to share.

Blue is the color that the sky did cry,
As angry men wanted Jesus to die.

Red is the color of God's love true.
He has so much for me and you!

Pink is the color of the story's end:
Jesus died, and arose, and is coming again!

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