Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happenings this week...

At 15 weeks (3 months) I....
  • Have caught up on a lot of sleep
  • Am not taking evening naps anymore
  • Am slowly getting hungrier and hungrier
  • Still haven't gained any weight
  • Have grown out about an inch or two I suppose (just looks like I'm "pouchy" now)
  • Still haven't heard the heartbeat
  • But I think I can start to feel it move
  • Haven't read any books this week
  • But have bookmarked a couple helpful blog posts
  • Sometimes get anxious
  • Need to drink more water
  • Have started making more lists
  • Went for a bike ride and didn't fall off
So there you have it. :)

My one dissapointment is I still can't find a heartbeat. My co-worker lent me her stethascope, and we were all excited to hear the heartbeat at home. But, it's been a week now and I still can't find it. I guess it's about as big as an apple now, you'd think I'd be able to locate it! Ah well....I guess I'm still too well "padded." :)

The other kind of fun thing is I think I felt it move today for the first time. Well, I just feel a bit funny while sitting at work, with like burbles & water bubbles doing weird things. Whatever it is, I decided that's what I'll pretend it is at least :)


Martha said...

give your self five more weeks to be able to hear it at home. I am pretty sure that the doctor I had with Molly used the stethoscope at 20 weeks. He had one that actually is made for hearing baby heartbeats- it was one that was like a really weird hat- it was so it could hear the fainter sound.
do drink that water and I am glad you did not fall off the bike. :)

Emily said...

Oh, that's good to know. The one I borrowed is the fancy little hat one, but it's still not loud enough I guess :)

In The Potter's Hands said...

R U Serious!!!??? How did I miss out on this news? I'm pretty sure I didn't know anyway. I was confused who's blog I was on when I started reading it. Well anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm very excited to hear this great news :D. I really need to read everyone's blogs more often. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Emily said...

Lol, ya Michelle....I guess you're not on the computer much anymore....but you know, that's okay :) We would've called anyway :)

Mary said...

Very cool. Being pregnant is such an amazing thing. Especially the first time around. I actually miss those days. It just gets more and more fun from here!


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