Thursday, July 22, 2010

Went to Duluth

I had the chance to go to Duluth with some wonderful friends last Saturday.
We spent the day hiking, driving, and taking pictures.

It was pretty funny watching all of us exploring.

Even though my camera doesn't do it justice, it was sunny and beautiful out.

Trying hard to get the right shot.

And afterwards, we headed out to eat for some Italian food and ice cream. It was a lovely day.


Martha said...

That looks like some awesome fun. I really like your pictures of the girls trying to get the just right shot.

Emily said...

It was pretty funny seeing us all scrunch down and over and squint and everything....and all so quiet as we did it! ha

Mrs. Mike said...

I oft wonder what I look like taking some of my shots- now I know!

What day isn't ended beautifully where Italian food and ice cream are involved?


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