Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh how I wish I had a picture to share!

Yesterday my "big" project was to clean out 2 of my 3 junk drawers. It was really refreshing. I cleaned out the "baggie and aluminum" drawer in the kitchen, throwing out things like broken clothspins, ripped itty-bitty pieces of aluminum foil, broken birthday candles, and a handful of twist-ties just because I still have a lot. I was able to organize the drawer with some boxes and jars to contain things that were sliding around like a clown on an ice rink. Such a nice feeling to open the drawer now!

The other drawer I did was our "tape and scissors' drawer in the dining room. This drawer had WAY more than tape and scissors in it! It had become a catch-all for my coupons, newspapers, miscelaneous papers and notebooks, pens that didn't work, random screws and brackets, a train whistle, a penny whistle, a yo-yo, stickers, glue sticks that were all dried up, and much much more! :) Again, I was able to clean out and recycle a whole bunch of stuff, making the drawer actually functional to find things now! ha!

I still have one more drawer to tackle someday. It's my "craft and catch all drawer." I'm afraid this drawer gets stuffed with small items that have no other home, or have a home and I just haven't put them away and instead shove them in this drawer. I know it contains really random collections, from paint to glue to pictures and cards and calendars. It probably has other surprises that I'll only find once I get to cleaning it. But that all depends on a certain Baby's napping :)

So, with or without pictures, I wish you happy cleaning too!

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