Saturday, February 26, 2011

A weekday Project

 Our dryer has been on the fritz the last couple weeks. It at first stopped drying, and then started a horrendous squeal every time we ran it. Therefore, for the time being, I went the old-fashioned way of drying our clothes, and kept laundry to a minimum.

But there comes a time when I just didn't appreciate the racks of clothes hanging around. So I thought maybe I'd check into fixing it myself!

I "Googled" Squealing Dryer, and came up with a couple great websites. The main one I used, was Dave's Repair. (I highly recommend it if you need to fix the same problem as me!)

 So first I set out the tools I would need: a Phillips screwdriver, a socket wrench, gloves, and some sewing machine oil.
 And I un-plugged it from the wall.
 It took a couple tries, but I finally figured out how to get the lid up. That was exciting to see progress :)
Then I stopped to feed baby.

 The next step was to take off the front panel. This one took a bit more muscle and probably took me the longest of everything! (It helps if you read the directions and FOLLOW them about where to push and pull)
Then I took a break to feed and change baby. Took a phone call. Etc.

 The front pannel was off and looking good (though linty).

 Some unexpected springs fell out. Oops.
The next thing was to take the belt off and the "drum' out, but poor little me didn't have enough muscles to do it. Thank goodness for Grandma stopping by :) And she even brought a snack and her vaccuum cleaner so we could get all the lint out. :)

Quite a fascinating mechanism once you get it all taken apart! I oiled the bearings and moving parts, hoping that as the directions said, that would stop the squeal. Then we had to put it all back together. (Of course, after eating said snack, taking a baby break, etc)

After all was said and done, we turned the dryer on for a "test drive" and lo-and-behold, NO SQUEAL! Ha. Just goes to show you what one can do with a little reading and the right tools (and muscle from Mom).

The best part, was at the bottom of the article it said, "You just saved $100." Nice. Of course, I spent probably 3 hours doing it, but it was exciting to me.

Now on to the next heat. :) But after this....I'm sure that will be a cinch!


Mrs. Mike said...

Right On!!!
You're a girl after my own heart!

The Bossman has always worked so many hours, I learned to get in touch with my mechanical side; his time was limited, it seemed silly to wait his return home. If Mike's job is to make the money, and mine is to keep house, I'm a-thinkin' small appliance repair fits the job description (with husband back-up!)!

I now find how much I enjoy problem-solving the "fix-it's".

Rewarding, eh?

Mrs. Mike said...

So, I'm washing the bedding today and I decide to go hog and wash the pillows too.
The pillows are from my was I to know the fabric would tear...and the pillow covers would unzip...

So, I'm pulling a washing machine apart today and decide to go hog... and free the hosing of foam a pump of particulate...sewing new ticking to be stuffed before bedtime.

I didn't know I wanted new pillows tonight or that I wanted to tear down an appliance (good thing I had pillow ticking yardage!).

Just thinking about you-

Abbi said...

Great job! You inspired me because when it comes to mechanical things I tend to be pretty intimidated. Maybe I should try taking apart our little vacuum that isn't workin...

Martha said...

Good job.


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