Friday, February 25, 2011

A Relaxing Morning

 It's a beautiful Friday morning, and we here at home have taken time to relax and enjoy the quiet and sunshine.

Little Kiddo is taking her regular morning nap on the couch.

 Warm sun is streaming in through the front window, just to my rocking chair which is pefect!

 I took time to check my email and set my "to read pile" out for the day.

 Laundry is started.

 The bed is made.

 The dishes :)

Hope you're enjoying your week's end too!


Mrs. Mike said...

Well, well! we're catching up too! Reading the blogs we enjoy and changing up our own blog decorations! (I find I have better things to do, usually)

The house looks good and the sunshine is ever encouraging! Little Missy is getting so big and I think that pile of "read" needs a big cup of tea to go with it.

I can feel the comfort of your charming abode this morning!

All in a Day said...

Oh, to have that small of an "undone" dishes pile! :)


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