Friday, February 25, 2011

When Company Comes: Cleaning

This is a personal post. I mean, this is probably a very personal family preference as far as what I'm about to say. It pertains to cleaning.

When company comes, I must admit, it sends me into a flurry of cleaning things up. Particularly the kitchen floor and bathroom. I guess those get neglected more than I like to admit.

But either way, I tend to do a cleaning right before we know company is coming. Well, not RIGHT before, but if we will have supper guests, that morning or afternoon I will tend to start washing things up.

And here is where we come to the crutch of the matter.

If company is coming, washing the bathroom right before they come might not be the best time of choice. Why, you ask? Well, for our household, because I use PineSol cleaner, and it ends up being a fairly strong smell that lingers throughout our apartment.

M. comes home, and he can instantly tell I've been cleaning. And honestly, I'm not convinced that PineSol is the most aromatic or welcoming smell to come home to :)

So my advice (which I'll need to take myself), is if you know company is coming consider these options
  • Clean the bathroom the day before you know company is coming
  • Have a regular weekly day to clean the bathroom no matter when company comes
  • Clean the bathroom with natural cleaners that have a lighter smell or no smell
  • Just wipe down the counters
  • In the summer, open the windows
  • As a last resort, just make sure to clean the bathroom hours before company comes, and then burn a candle or make brownies or something


Mrs. Mike said...

An excellent encouragement! The girls and I were just sitting at today, reconfiguring our weekly musts so that we are not in a scramble when we see someone pull in the drive!

Abbi said...

I actually like the smell of pine-sol so if I am ever coming over, feel free to clean right before I come. :-)

I don't use pine-sol anymore though. I have switched to vinegar for mopping and it doens't leave any odor.


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