Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Deals of the Day

Well, I took the time to do my grochery shopping a bit earlier this week. In fact, I was hunting for deals at Walgreens (as seen on MoneySavingMom), and I knew that the last couple of weeks they were sold out of items by mid-week. Sadly, I missed out on the deals again.....and it's only Tuesday! We must have other deal hunters in Bemidji to be sure! Anyway, I did end up stopping at Target, MarketPlace, and Luekens....here is some of what I got (our 2 week grocheries):

My most exciting deals were the string cheese: free at Target after coupon, and the tomato sauce: free at Luekens after coupon. The celery, marshmallows, cool whip, and Ravioli were all 88 cents... I had been watching for ravoili to try a new recipie someday. The chicken was in the reduced meat section and the canteloupe was a great deal too. Normally we get bananas for the week, but this week we will eat oranges! The Pizza Rolls were a splurge...at 25 cents I thought I'd have them on hand. :) Juice was on sale for 99 cents which is pretty good for us, so I stocked up on that and then got powdered milk, which is expensive, but was on sale for $13 and I had been putting it off for a long time! So, after adding it all up, I spent about $70......$35 for two weeks. (I got milk and eggs too which are not in the picture). It was so much fun! I was all chatty and bubbly when Mathew got home to show him all our "deals!"

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Abbi said...

I hope Mathew enjoyed hearing about all the deals more than Ken does!!
I think you are right about there being other deal shoppers in Bemidji. Walgreens was out of everything last week on Tuesday as well and this week I only found some of the things I wanted. They said there truck comes in on Thursdays but when I go in on Friday or Saturday they are often out of hot deal items then too. My deal that I did get today was 5 shampoos or conditioners and one body wash which was 6/ $20 and then I got the $12 register rewards. After the RR and coupons I will have only spent around $1.50 on all 6 bottles. That was fun!


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