Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Using the Library

If you are not a big fan of your public library, I highly reccomend you go and check it out. I have found our library not only useful but a friendly and fun place for creativity!

Just yesterday, I went to the library looking for a children's science project book to use in my elementary class. As you can see, I came out with a lot more than one! I mentioned to the librarian that I was looking for books about Respect and wasn't having much luck. She then mentioned that in the children's section, there was a book called "A to Zoo", a reference book by topics. I found it on the shelf and was able to find a great list of books around my subject matter. It was so fun! (Well, you might think I'm a little loopy to find delight in such a thing....but it really is a lot of fun for me to have a question to research and then have success! And the library is the perfect place for that!)

Here is the book that I found in the library. I would highly recommend it if you want some story books, lesson books, non-fiction books on a certain topic! It Works For Me!
And here is another book that is helpful!

For more helpful tips and such, go to Works for Me Wednesday!

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Michele said...

Great post! I love the library, too! It is such a wonderful resource.
Michele :)


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