Monday, March 17, 2008

Teaching Tips

I've been spending some time studying about teaching, studying the age group I teach, and studying the Bible. Here is one list of tips I found challenging to me and my teaching that I thought I'd share:

  • Evaluate your activities. Take a ruthless look at every activity in next week's lesson. Is it teaching kids something new about God or just keeping them busy? Does each activity foster a real relationship with Jesus? Does it help kids see how to use their faith at school or on the playing field? If there are more busywork activities than God- centered ones, you have work to do. Every activity needs to stay focused on a growing relationship with Jesus. Otherwise, you're just filling time.
  • Evaluate your own goals in teaching. Are you there out of duty? Because you like entertaining a crowd. Or because you want to help kids know, love, and follow Jesus? Your personal goals for teaching will influence what you focus on during your lessons. Decide that your goal is to help kids know, love, and follow Jesus.
  • Remove Obstacles. Want to help kids grow spiritually? Then be growing yourself. Read your Bible. Pray. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you as you teach. When your personal focus and your teaching focus are the same - to know, love, and follow Jesus - your teaching will be powerful. (I would like to add....your teaching will be authentic!)

(Takeout Training for Teachers by Keith Johnson)

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