Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

I just can't seem to help myself. I already have phone books bulging and things peeking out of stacked papers and piles.

But every time I walk, I see another beautiful one. Pink. Yellow. Burgendy. Brown. And I just can't help but lean down and scoop it up. Already this week I've had two passerby's stop, watch, and then smile as they see me walking home with twigs and pokes and color sticking everywhere out of my frozen fingers. My prizes. My joy. I beam as I walk home.

But now what to do with them?! I have to find some fall projects to use these with! I found a couple neat pictures of leafy wreaths, and some framed verse art, and some garlands.

But guess what is happening right now?

Yup. Snow.

All of a sudden, I'm ready to cut out snowflakes and sit down with hot chocolate and sewing projects! ha ha

Oh dear.


martha said...

Hurray for Minnesota! gotta love all the different kinds of beautiful!
I think You should do fall decor until Thanksgiving and then do the snow flakes. ;)But drink hot cocoa while making your fall decor. ;D

Keren said...

hehe. it is funny how the weather makes you want to do certian things :) I was wanting to paint or color and drink hot cocoa today. It was just that sort of day :)

tani said...

You are so cute! You inspire me to soak in the beauty around me. =)


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