Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I tried it!

The other day I posted about some neat centerpiece and arrangement ideas. I was hoping to try at least some of them, and I have! (One.... so far....) Here is my first project:

I do really like how it turned out. I was actually NOT going to do Christmas colors, but with what I had to work with , that worked best. :)

Mom had given me a bunch of pine cones (some of which were spray painted gold) and ribbon. I hot glued five ribbons to the bottom of five pine cones. Then I simple gathered them up at the top and tied a ribbon around it to hold it together. On the back, I glued a wire loop, so that it can hang on a nail etc. And then to finish, I wrote WELCOME with my caligraphy pen on some cream paper and backed it with dark green cardstock, and then glued that on the front.

I like it alot, and I have plans to try a different bunch with smaller pine cones and cream ribbon. We'll see...

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