Friday, November 27, 2009

Reasons to be Hospitable...

Last week, I found this great list of reasons to be hospitable! Check it out here. Here are some I particualrly like:
  • The host can practically prove his love.
  • He can get to know new people.
  • He can learn about other cultures without traveling.
  • He can learn to understand others better.
  • He can build trust
  • He can communicate important truths to his children.
  • He can accustom his children to the idea of loving all people.
  • He can break himself and others of prejudices.
  • He can learn to share and do without.
I still remember the great lesson I learned last year when 2 young mormon men stopped by, offering Bible studies.

I was shocked when I learned that Mathew had invited them in, had served them water, and agreed for them to come again! I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole idea. But the next week, I too was home when they stopped by. I followed my husbands lead, and offered them a cool drink and even some cookies I had just made. They were surprised. But I also know they could read my un-comfortableness all over my face too. Mathew easily conversed with them, listening kindly, and also directing them to verses, almost causually, during the conversation. He invited them back again. (His wife was fairly speechless)

After they left, Mathew and I began to discuss the whole situation. I voiced my concern. He warned me of fear. I told him it was silly. He said all things are possible with God. I said I was uncomfortable. He responded that we are called to love everyone. I said I didn't know what else to say. He said to pray about it. What could I do?

I did spend lots of time praying about it. I started reading a bunch more books too. I learned that I could lean heavily on God, trusting him for the right, gracious attitude, and for Mathew to have the right words. I can't tell you what a huge impact this had on me.

The next meeting, since we were running off to an appointment, Mathew casually asked them over for supper instead. What?! Thankfully I didn't shout out during the conversation! ha Goodness, this was taking my trust factor to a whole new level! But they agreed and set up a time. Sooner than later, I was making Taco Hotdish and cake and answering the doorbell to two people I never would have thought to have over. We enjoyed the meal together, learned about their families and their lifestyle, learned that they liked to play games...basically, I learned they were normal humans too!

Week after week, we deepend our friendship with these two boys through supper and board games. And through that friendship, we had many many deep discussions, flurries of questions from both sides, and a trust and understanding was built that otherwise would never have occured. I learned to practically put into practice the belief that God created all men equal. That God loves every one. That I can rely firmly on God's word. That I can love others, who are very different than me, finding out, they are not so different after all.

A couple months ago, the 2 young men had to move away to another assignment. We haven't heard from them since. But it amazes me still, how often their names and faces pop into my memory, and I say a quick prayer, wherever they are, whatever they're doing, that God will seek them out. And that someday, we will see them again.

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tani said...

Very challenging insights. It is one thing to read about love on paper. It is altogether different to live it out. You may have been the ones planting seeds or the ones watering what someone else planted before you, but God will provide the increase.


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