Monday, November 30, 2009

A Story Tree...

It was about this time last year that I stumbled upon something called The Jesse Tree here on the internet. I hadn't heard of it before, and as I read different pages on it, I became intrigued. It seems like such a great teaching tool!

I liked:
  • The emphasis on those verses predicting Jesus' coming & the Messiah (I don't study those much)
  • The use of those verses during Christmas season
  • A tree (I have always loved Christmas lights on a tree in the dusk....)
I didn't like:
  • That it all led up to December 25th and then stopped. Jesus was not born on Dec 25th
  • That it only led up to Jesus' birth
So, the more I thought about it, the more I thought I'd like to adapt it to my own use, and since have had a wonderful time researching and studying out my own series of lessons. I have never done a tree like this yet, but this year, thought it might be fun to have my own "Virtual Christmas Tree." Perhaps you could use some of the ideas I have as well....feel free!

Here are some notes:
  1. There are 23 lessons. One for each day Mon-Fri of December. (skipping the weekends)
  2. I want it to emphasize, that from the beginning, God had a master plan for us, that He carried out/is carrying out to this day!
  3. It is formatted for a once a day devotional style activity
  4. I am actually working now, on condensing the lessons to possibly use in my Sunday morning kid's class. (we'll see how that works)
So, starting tomorrow, I'd like to share with you, my Virtual Christmas Tree. :)

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