Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Look at Psalm 77

Again, I've enjoyed reading through the Psalms.

Here is an adaptation of Psalm 77.

Quick Summary: A Psalm reminding the Israelites to remember what miracles God had done in their past

"I will remember the deeds ot the Lord, I will meditate on all Your works and consider all Your mighty deeds."

My Summary: A reminding of what God has done in my own "heritage" and life

"What heritage do I have to remember and meditate on?"

  • That God drew/taught my parents to know Him
  • That at the right time, God presented/prepared Bible studies for them and put the right teachers in place
  • That God gave me Christian parents to raise me....a Christian home
  • That God prepared a husband for me, all the way from India
  • How God brought that husband-to-be to little old Bemidji
  • How He brought him to know Him
  • The timing of it all
  • That God did plan a child for us, even though at times we doubted
  • How "easy" my pregnancy and delivery went

1 comment:

Mrs. Mike said...

The Creator's love and grace abundant!
I will join you in such sentiments as to those things that by Divine Hand have mercifully been gifted, and speaking for myself, wholy undeserving.


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