Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making your home a haven

Over at Abbi's blog and the Homespun heart they're doing a daily "making your home a haven" challenge. I've been enjoying reading along since it's something I've been thinking about recently.

So, I thought maybe it'd be good for me to join along too (even though I've missed a couple days)

My main goal right now, is to make our home pleasant and peaceful for M. to come home to after a long day. Also, for any guests we might have come over. As of late, I seem to be having some attitude issues, so I think that should be my first focus.

   A place of port, shelter, safety, refuge and assylum. (

My goals for today, to "Make our home a Haven"

Personal Time: Spend and hour reading - Right now I'm reading in Psalms, and have 2 other books to read (Feeding Your Soul, and Miserly Moms). Spend 10 minutes in memorization. Since I'm having attitude issues, I will pick 4 verses about attitude to memorize/review.

Family Time:  Make granola bars today for M.'s snacking. Plan a relaxing activity for this evening.

House Time: Clean out my messy clutter drawer. Clean up kids toy area.

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