Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Here

 Oh yes, I'm still here. We've just been a bit busy these last couple weeks.  We were having company and then getting ready for more company too.
 So we set up  this fun little bedroom in our front room.
And now it's filled with company and everyone is getting used to new routines and activities.

I have many stories and pictures, but still am working on computer time.

Some things we've been enjoying:
  • Some good Indian curries
  • Naps
  • Card games
  • Spring
  • Walks
  • A little girl who is smiling and "talking"
  • Said little girl starting to sleep 7 hours
  • Pussy willows
  • Family
  • New words


Martha said...

Ooh, that list. I am really looking forward to seeing that little girl. Also the Indian curries sound so good. Hey, if she needs anything for that we have some really good stores here in town. We've enjoyed browsing at the Indian markets here.

Mrs. Mike said...

How nice to have a house-full! and what a cozy set up you've provided.

...and, too!


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