Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ugh...I forgot how much I dislike colds and sore throats! This time, though, I'm trying my very best to take good care of myself....so that the cough doesn't hang on for a month...as it so often does!

You'd be so proud of me.....lots of rest, hot tea, hot meals, and a good scarf go a long way. I'm so thankful for my nice warm scarves! Of couse, yesterday was beautiful - sunny, warm- and here I was wandering around in sandals, sunglasses....and a winter scarf!

I've taken that scarf with me everywhere this week....wearing it on Sunday, outdoors, indoors, in bed.... I even took it with me to work yesterady, to wear at my desk. Worked great until I forgot I was wearing it and left my desk to do my rounds....classy, Emily, real classy...ha! But hey, my neck was warm!

So other than feeling stuffy/fuzzy and moving pretty slow, I guess I can still get stuff done. In fact, I guess it's not a whole lot different than normal!

In celebration of cold season, here are some fun things to try your hand at, though I hope you don't catch cold:

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Fawn said...

I love your blog emily!! you must be like a down the generation relative of betty crocker with all this cooking you do! Your recipes and tips and and cleaning and ...wow...how do you do it all AND work?! I wish I had more time to cook, and was brave enough to experiment. I have hardly had time to read lately--therefore my blog has been pretty empty!!!
hope you are doing well!


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