Friday, October 24, 2008


This is what we had for supper last night....I just had to looks (and was) so good!
M. and I had a date last night for uner $5.00! How fun. :) The french bread was day-old at Walmart $0.90, sauce was $0.86, salad was free, almonds were $1.00, corn was free, meat was free, and then we rented the movie eXpelled: No Intelligence Allowed for $2.19! It's nice to have M. back home!
I'm trying harder to have more balanced meals now...more veggies and last night we had canned peaches for with lettuce, corn, and peaches...that makes 3 servings!
The movie was pretty good. It's not about Creationism, like I thought it would be, it's about Intelligent Design, or ID. Basically, the scientific belief that our world and science show evidence of there having to be an Intelligent designer behind everything. Not all ID scientists are Christians, hence it's not Creationism...where they believe God created everthing...but ID is very, very similar, and definitely some so believe it's God. (Who else is intelligent enough to be behind creation?) It was some short clips of interviews with Evolutionists and ID scientists and the pressure that scientists face in the science community to conform to Evolution....or be thrown out. And how dangerous that is to our freedom.

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